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Unleash your superfans power. Achieve growth.

Marketing. Engagement. Trust. Loyalty.

Free Trial

For new communities
$ 0
/ month
  •  Completely free
  • 250 creds
  • Incl. 5 roles creds
  • Gamifying your community


For smaller communities
$ 99
/ month
  • Everything in Free
  • 500 creds
  • Incl. 20 roles creds
  • Charge for credentials
  •  Revoke creds


For medium / large communities
$ 399
/ month
  •  Everything in Build
  • 2,500 creds
  • Incl. 40 roles creds
  • Early access to new features


For really large communities
$ ~
/ month
  • Everything in Grow
  • Custom integrations
  • Customisable creds' attributes
  • Customer success manager

Compare Our Plans


Free Trial Up to 1,000 members $0 / month Start Trial

Build 1,000 to 7,500 members $99 / month Let's Chat

Grow 7,501 to 20,000 members $399 / month Let's Chat

Custom More than 20,000 members $~ / month Let's Chat

Monthly Roles Creds Monthly Roles Creds The maximum number of roles creds that can be issued per month to your users, ambassadors, internal employees, and leadership team.





Monthly General Creds Monthly General Creds The maximum number of general creds that can be issued per month, i.e. roles creds is excluded here.

245 (during trial)




Creator Studio Creator Studio A no-code platform for organisations, i.e. creators, to build, issue, and manage all creds in one place.

Gamification Gamification Integrate Creds into marketing campaigns by creating gamified experience, learning journeys, and competitions to incentivize active user participation.

Profile Profile Enable your users to create a Creds profile to showcase creds collected and maintain a unified reputation of their achievements and endorsements. Easily validate their reputation across platforms and industries to uplift professional and personal journeys.

Revocation Revocation Creds are revocable in terms of their access and privileges, offering enhanced security, control, and adaptability. (coming soon)


Charge for credentials Charge for credentials Allow organisations to charge users for claiming creds. (coming soon)


Support Support Email and chat support are available.



Slack & Email

Slack, Telegram & Email

Building Trust with Creds

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How many community members do I need to issue creds?

Organisations can build and issue creds regardless of their size. Whether you're a small group or a large community, the process of creating and issuing credentials is adaptable and scalable.

What happens when the free trial is over?
Upon the end of free trial, the ability to issue new creds is temporarily disabled unless organisations upgrade to a paid plan. Existing creds and account functionalities remain accessible.
How do I switch to a different plan?

Organisations can switch to a new plan at any time by navigating to the Billing section in your account. Select the plan you’d like to switch to and immediately start using new features.

What happens if I hit my creds issuance limit?
Once you reach the creds issuance limit available in your plan, the ability to issue new creds is temporarily disabled until you upgrade to another plan or purchase extra credits.
How to contact Creds if I need any support?

You can contact us on or reach out to our community on Telegram & Discord.

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