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Ready to break free from the old, ineffective playbook of building customer trust and loyalty?

The New Blueprint for Enhancing Customer Trust & Loyalty.

Turn your superfans into a collaborative force to achieve community growth. Everything you need to know about mobilising customers via the secret sauce of decentralised reputation. Trusted by Outlier Ventures which manages $350M+ in funding.

creds decentralised reputation ebook

What's Inside?

Mobilise Superfans to boost your brands.

 Get a beginner’s introduction to decentralised reputation

Learn its potential applications to elevate customer trust & loyalty

Case studies on the current use case of reputation & their bottlenecks

How to address existing challenges through decentralised reputation

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Creds is a no-code platform to unleash your superfans to grow your community marketing, engagement, trust, and loyalty through insights and gamification. On the techy side, Creds is verifiable credentials supported by SSI and Web3 technologies.

Fraser Edwards, our co-founder and CEO, has spearheaded Creds journey to provide an innovative community growth solution backed by decentralised reputation that cater to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Prior to Creds, Fraser successfully led a digital identity pilot for the Dutch and Canadian governments. He has patents in cross-ledger payments and advised the Singaporean and Canadian Central Banks on cross-blockchain payments. Blending technology and business acumen, Fraser has deep consortium and decentralised identity or self-sovereign identity knowledge.