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Unleash Your Superfans to Grow Your Community

Transform your community members into supercharged ambassadors. Protect and engage your community. Easily identify your most valuable members.

Elevate Community Marketing

Creds boosts community engagement and loyalty, amplifying the impact of marketing efforts to achieve growth

Learning Quests

Create engaging learning quests

Reward Members

Recognise and reward your most valuable members

Build & Issue Quickly

Build & issue creds in less than 2 minutes

Enhance Marketing

Enhance your traditional marketing with verifable credentials

Activity Tracking

Get better activity tracking and ROI

Redefine Community Trust

Creds offers portable empowerment and safety, ensuring community protection across diverse interactions


Protect your community from scamming and sybil attacks


Enable your users to build reputation and take them anywhere in the web


Empower your community to control their data and reputation


Ability to revoke creds (reputation) if the need arises

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